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Walborn Family

Walborn Family

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pete Hoekstra on Education Reform!

The following is an excerpt from Pete Hoekstra's website regarding education reform. He is requesting that we contact him with our views. Let's put forth our ideas so that the voice of Shelby is heard in Washington! Here is the excerpt:

Help Reform K-12 Education

As Congress begins work on reauthorizing K-12 education I want to hear from you.
In 2001, Congress passed one of the most restrictive and costly education bills with the passage of No Child Left Behind. The law included unfunded mandates for our state and our local schools, and largely restricted local control of education.

I want to hear your thoughts on how Congress should address K-12 education. I encourage you to share the areas that you believe need improvement or fostering in our education system. I will share your comments with members of the House Education and Labor Committee. Please visit my education Web site at

As Congress moves forward toward reauthorization, I remain committed to promoting state and local flexibility as well as parental involvement in education.

CLICK HERE to review a letter that I recently sent to Education Secretary Arne Duncan on my current concerns with the bill’s reauthorization.

Pete's Perspective